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韩流派|阿尔法亚麻酸His city, jun although there are many survivors, but in the next, zhang liao army blanket roller compaction, xh to reorganize the defense, and followed by d Zang bully, zhaoyun drop in banned, JiNa areas, large city, xh overnight became a rat crossing the street, spent in jizhou lyu3 bu4 army after next, hide, more than ten days later, just before night in the Yellow River to find the place where the water is not rushing to swim.Of course, said bet is not entirely right, pang tong studied zhang lu, is not too ambitious, and although the character is not cowardly, but absolutely unrelated to strong, belong to the kind of go with the tide, can separate hanzhong, is also liu zhang that fool to force, such a person, in this case, the possibility of health is very high."Although it was a little risky, pang shiyuan's capture of hanzhong also opened the door of shu for our army. In the future, when the Lord and the public wipe out the world, there will be no need to worry about the land of shu." "Chen gong laughed.

"For no reason? Zhang liao cold humed a, lang sheng way: "your master without reason sent at the moment to assassinate my Lord, how is no reason, my Lord has orders, in order to show sincerity, you should let jizhou whole territory, my Lord will not with you!""Wait outside the door." Xia houyuan turned his head to see a crowd of followers, some hoarse voice.韩流派|Xiangyang city, hundreds of CAI fu pro wei will kuai home wai of the flood impossibility, CAI fu housekeeper came out, frowning at CAI MAO: "commander this is what?"

韩流派|As wei command, army began to grow, at all levels of distribution, under the command of the will quickly even in the hands of a crossbow point to both sides, this time, march in order to reduce weight, each with a crossbow, a quiver, in the field of defense crossbow did not take, but only in this way, also is enough, the range of the two hundred steps, enough to make any enemies to despair.Chen qun frowns a wrinkle, has the news spread?Provincial paekche countries, over the years, the central plains war endlessly, and paekche state is stable development, when rogan for help, paekche state power in peak condition, can be more than just a xun yu said tens of thousands of households, but a population of more than hundreds of households, original lyu3 bu4 without migration nanyang millions of people, only states with harmony cool two indigenous population, at that time two big states combined population is not so much, it is, therefore, develops the ambitions of paekche royal, sent troops to support rogan counter-offensive liaodong, of course, the real goal is to control the liaodong, and then to liaodong springboard, covet the big fellow.

Although there is no great change in luoyang itself, the move of the capital represents that the strategy of lv bu's continuous outward development has come to an end, and now the center of gravity has started to shift to the central plains. Moreover, luoyang is also a good place to connect lv bu together, which means that lv bu began to attach importance to the influence and oppression of the kanto region.Zhuge liang nodded, four big family through the years is jingzhou family leader, if want to will be right back, the four family must be suppressed, but not a pole killed, after the hit, but to draw, and liu bei in the small and medium-sized family has a good foundation, as long as the four to tidy up break up, the next thing is much more easy.Chapter 42 the monk韩流派|




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