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龚玥菲新金甁梅宝肤灵官网For a long time, lyu3 bu4 nodded and said, "well, wen and nature are more familiar with the things in baishui qiang, wide sea, you will follow wen and go, protect wen and thoughtfulness, everything to listen to wen and command, do not make your own opinions.""You, dig me a big hole here, enough to bury these bodies." Look at the huns, han de eyes with indifference, even if it is more of the elderly, women and children, but think of the tragedy of the west cool, the huns slaughtered the han people, women and children, but not soft-handed.Ma dai, pound said, also kneel down silently, suddenly, inside and outside the hall, kneel down.

"This is a military order!" Lyu3 bu4 cold hum 1, sink a track."Lyu3 bu4!? In Hetao!?" Korea hence smell speech, incredible stare big eyes, before he also heard lyu3 bu4 overnight destroyed the huns, but that is, after all, by surprise attack, although after a positive defeat of the huns, but Korea hence didn't care too much.龚玥菲新金甁梅But time is the fairest thing in the world, and even the most gifted man can't stand up to it.

龚玥菲新金甁梅"White water qiang the most beautiful woman, should not be too bad. Lyu3 bu4 also laughed, in fact, as long as it is not too obstructive, who is not important."Yes!" Ma dai smell speech can not help but exultation, hurriedly took the weapon to find a mount to follow d out of the city."Draw the snake out of the cave, and bring out the military forces of the king's court of the huns! Otherwise, with the sturdiness of the beautiful city of millet, there is no siege weapon, I can't let the cavalry rushed up the wall!" Lyu3 bu4 smiled coldly and said coldly, "If Mei Ji Cheng wants to help Chicken Luzhai, this is the only way to go. Let people dig the horse pit at once. We will destroy the main force of the Xiongnu court here in World War I!"

"Of course it's Mr. Saving Yuan-chang!" Cao Peng cold hum 1, want to don't want to.Just how to placate lyu3 bu4, but let cao cao some dilemma, send gold and silver? Lyu3 bu4 may be able to before, but now, since the last redemption of zhong yao, knew it was impossible, as for hay, cao cao also want to ask lyu3 bu4 borrow it."Candidate? He left before us. How could he let the martial arts men come to Huaili to fight?" D to stand up, face iron blue road.龚玥菲新金甁梅




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