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陈美凤老公|王牌车"Thank you, champ, for your kindness." Zu su puffed out his chest and looked at lv bu: "the champion hou's subordinates are not embarrassed and awarded. They are not worried about food and clothing. However, the loyal officials do not serve the two masters."My little brother thought of that, too." CAI MAO wry smile way: "just this person and brother-in-law one mind, the current situation, with that liu2 bei4 cheng4 fu, afraid won't be wrong from start, that zhang fei is more by liu2 bei4 direct ban foot."As xu sheng shouted, only two muffled sounds were heard. Two huge arrows, like long guns, burst out of the air and roared at zhang fei.

Cao cao's people did not chase after, after the distance, if forced to fight again, it is purely self-defeating, the other side can be cavalry, fight again, can not be as passive as last night."The good nephew himself." Cao cao smiled and nodded until yuan shang left."Is this not a rebellion?" Cao cao frowns and says: "how is this different from the yellow turban?"陈美凤老公|Gao shun's soldiers and horses arrived in the last wave, when the sentry came to report, gao shun from the northeast direction, CAI MAO and kuai yue's heart instead of a sigh of relief.

陈美凤老公|Chapter 41 jingxiang fengyun (iv)The complexion gradually cold down, CAI MAO gritted his teeth and said: "just that strange crossbow is really disturbing!"

"Is not you to say the person want to dare to love to dare to hate, as the daughter of lv bu, this world, no one can control my marriage?" Lu lingqi grumbled."I'm afraid we may not see him now, zilong. You sent someone to set fire to the courtyard, and we escaped from xiangyang in disorder." Yang fu looked at zhao yun.One of the white horse silver gun, in the battlefield is very eye-catching, CAI MAO recognized this person, impresses is from his eyelids under the zhaoyun zhao zilong!陈美凤老公|




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