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步步惊心搜狐庆功会|5吨加油车King of gold even sichuan tent, listen to the fading battle outside, Korea hence weak decadent sat down on the king's tent."You know my master?" Small school frown way."Get out of here!" Hsiung broad sea with He Yi's body in one hand, with a bronze stick in the other hand, saw lyu3 bu4 stop marching, hurriedly called a title of generals in ancient times camp soldiers retreat, a title of generals in ancient times camp soldiers will be dragged on the body of the robes, have out of the city.

When both sides see a large number of military forces suddenly appeared, are surprised, thought in the enemy's ambush, but look at each other's reaction, obviously not so."Who is the lieutenant?" Lyu3 bu4 glance swept to the frightened county soldiers, indifferent way."The man called himself Ma Dai." Replied the little school.步步惊心搜狐庆功会|"Don't mess around!" Kifu Goyang tried to calm down the tribes, Just day struggle for a day, and overnight, the spirit of the soldiers has reached a very fragile point, suddenly encountered an ambush at the moment, the fragile nerves and night it is difficult to see the handsome flag, in lyu3 bu4 under the constant disturbance, not only did not calm down because of the efforts of begging fu goyang, but more chaos.

步步惊心搜狐庆功会|"Step to the root, you are also a famous warrior on the prairie, if you are willing to surrender, I can not kill you!" With a wave of his hand, Kirby allowed his men to hang Budugen's army, and looked at Budugen. "You don't have a chance," he said. "This time the five tribes are going to fight you, and they've got 60,000 men, and the other two tribes are going to fight back. You can't win.""Lombardi can't quickly eliminate jun, for our army, is a big opportunity, when early deployment." Giffin thoughtfully, lyu3 bu4 now outside, don't say if anyone can mobilize military forces, even if can, giffin also won't touch the bomb, military power, this is a very sensitive thing, accidentally can blow himself up.Ice-cold arrow cluster shot through the watchtower has drowsy soldiers throat, lyu3 bu4 chosen, it is patrol soldiers spaced the largest period of time, a line of people close and did not cause alarm, upright when with people, quickly moved according to the stake, turned YuanMen, quietly YuanMen open.

Daxi new depressed nodded, not a hole, a pile of gathered, unexpectedly will his army of one hundred and fifty thousand block here.Qui-tou looked at Ule with some irritation, This was the first time that Ule spoke so loudly to him, and he did not doubt Ule's loyalty. Ule had been with him since more than a decade ago. In the King's Court, his position was only at the base of his steps, and he was somewhat ashamed. He nodded and said, "The defense of the west is up to you. Everything will be decided after Temuzhen returns."He Yi swept the two Yuan Jun away with a stick, turned his head and roared, "The gate is still open!"步步惊心搜狐庆功会|




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