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天龙之姑苏慕容|矿山放炮打眼机"That, consigliere... "The magnificent sea looked at li ru and said," is the Lord really attacking xiongnu in hetao grassland?"< / p > < p > the gate slowly opened, Yang ding's head was sent to the front of lu bu by the soldiers of the hussar riding camp, for this man, lu bu did not take a second look, traitor, no matter in which forces, are not the group."Too bad we can't get involved in this big fight." Shook his head, lv bu some depressed lost the hands of the branches, guanzhong, xiliang are now in the stage of recuperation, lu bu can not help cao cao, with a small army ran to the site of yuan shao.

Spear pierced the air, need through the rain, the huns joy in lyu3 bu4 left hands quickly is broken, after the first wave of a cluster of arrows rain, followed by dark ride array as a black torrent ruthlessly hit into the huns messy inside the camp, with the frequent tore heart crack lung of bellow and hysterical roar, YiPengPeng diffuse from the blood of the fog gradually dyed red earth.'be rude to my young lady, take it away! Cang cold hum 1, before the message, saying that article is JingXiang star, although don't know how to use, but if caught, but cannot put so to run, the line of men with hired away in the direction of the new item, leaving a dead bodies, such as xiangyang loyalist found, where there is cang et al....天龙之姑苏慕容|Perhaps because of his family circumstances, he is more mature than his peers, the way to see the problem, the cruel cognition of the society, is much stronger than from the greenhouse flowers, when all his peers are still immersed in the paradise like flowers, he began to constantly job-hopping, constantly absorb experience, knowledge.

天龙之姑苏慕容|That a low turnout for a group of women, there would be few, all under the practice of Addis also have some momentum, although the noisy points, but this is no big deal, but after a few days of practice, Addis began to practice, does not meet the foot soldiers to motivating lyu3 bu4 was the battle of the set out, and let the poor official in the office as a practice partner."Need not go busily government affairs?" Diao cicada don't understand of see lv bu: "must not because concubine body and delay the matter.""Don't worry, general. Listen to me." Kunduz priest whispered: "I just know there from the han Chinese, they ready to han Chinese generals to back tomorrow, we will secretly tell you that tomorrow if someone asks who the han sui's generals, everyone say is you, when the time comes han generals will be summoned you, no matter what they say, you have promised to down, don't be angry, and han people will let you go."

"Shan yu, do you still need to gather troops?" Except for hamur's tent, a hun head came up and whispered.The man some accident saw lv lingqi one eye, took over the hot porridge in the other party's hand, at the beginning also not feel, but at the moment all of a sudden by the feeling of hunger add full, gollum a fierce pour, a bowl of hot porridge, a few mouth then eat, see the woman's eyes, bitter smile: "thank you girl, I do not know who to save me?His plan succeeded, the huns initiative to give out large tracts of land, let the arrogant guy thought the huns unintelligent, and then just as dostie expected, tu man snaked through the rouzhi roamed from west cool back last year's financial, those are lyu3 bu4 as reward, let the rouzhi roamed back, also let the rouzhi roamed all through the winter, there appears to be less than the huns for fear of cases, these people finally began the infighting.天龙之姑苏慕容|





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