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义犬报火警雪域能量源Lyu3 bu4 put on clothes, sitting on the side of the bed, the mind did not lose the ability to think because of extreme hyperactivity, but become more calm, indifferent to sit on the bed beside the tub, cold to see the woman's delicate body against the tub slowly slipped, but still immersed in the aftermath of a long time can not return to mind.Wei Yan first step to tiger fastened shut, Responsible for tiger fastened shut dozens of old pawn saw Wei Yanjun powerful, Dare not resist at all, Then opened the gate, the dozens of old pawn nominally belongs to the court, if coss can get to a step earlier, will be a different situation, unfortunately, there is no if in the world, coss into the tiger fastened shut nature don't need to intimidate, the other side of the old pawn directly opened the gate, and wei yan at the moment has not had time to occupy the whole checkpoint.

A large number of soldiers put down their weapons, chose to surrender, sporadic resistance was finally quickly put out lyu3 bu4, to dawn, the whole coalition camp basically settled down."Rumble ~""The strategist rest assured, ultra must proceed with caution, if there is any mistake, don't need to master punishment, d willing to commit suicide." D sink a track.义犬报火警Five big tribes plus dependent on the small and medium-sized tribes under the five big tribes, add up military forces I'm afraid to reach more than ten thousand people, don't say step root is just like TaBaJi powder, even lyu3 bu4, without knowing it, in addition to the annihilation, there is no other possibility, even have to put themselves in.

义犬报火警"Monsieur Han Sui, patriarch, asked to see you." A guard came in and said respectfully."Hsiung!" Lyu3 bu4 also can't chase after zhang he, turn over and dismount, a drag XiongKuoHai burly body."XiaGuan remember." Jiang xu hurriedly bowed down.

But this is just the sword go partial, the art of war is cloud, with just, with strange victory, lyu3 bu4 in odd word, has almost out of their own way, but with his growing power, odd word, after all, can't hold for a long time, the sword go partial, although often get huge benefits, but as long as the wrong step, accompanied by, is the corresponding risk.Pound also bowed down and said, "Master, the war is imminent, it is time to choose and employ people, it is better to exempt from criminal responsibility, let it make meritorious service?""Hum!" Qifu goyang cold hum 1, quietly with the men left, step behind the root of the arrogant laughter is very harsh, but he can't turn back, he is afraid of cannot help but fight with the king's court here, the Qifu tribe is really over.义犬报火警




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