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骗局|咸阳号外Wolf qiang, first zero, qin hu, must be taken step by step.Host name: lv buAfter losing their target, they all fell down. Many of them landed directly in the crowd. Then all of a sudden, the camp was filled with screams.

Suddenly I turned and saw a column of smoke in the south. The fire had become visible and was growing fast, moving towards the west and towards the middle."Lu bu's words, a word of nine tripod, words out of my mouth, naturally is not what joke." Lyu3 bu4 smile way: "I want to build a, originally want to deliver to you, but my son disposition impetuous, unbearable big use, so from beginning to end did not mention, today see, but have a difference, this matter can with you say."骗局|"Why is that? Cao cao puzzled to see guo jia, gao shun, zhang liao is lu bu's most elite two troops.

骗局|"Simple, according to the rules of our han people, it is easy to send him back to take a message or something." Jun han looked knowledgeable and said, "I will stay with my brother in the future. If my brother follows you, I will make sure that you will not suffer any loss.""100,000 army is just arranged by lu bu camp, if there is a war, to lu bu now in the west cool prestige, immediately can reunite 100,000 army, although zhang junyi for the current world, but not necessarily lu bu's opponent, even if the Lord occupied chang 'an, can ever think of how many people to send to resist lu bu? Tian feng snapped.A group of women standing twittering discussion to the children in the future will be like who more, lyu3 bu4 and sable cicada are people actually longfeng, lu bu is not a world a handsome boy, but is also the masculine handsome type, as for the sable cicada, can be become famous in the history of Chinese one of four big beautiful women, naturally don't need to say more, according to the genetics, where the children will be less than two life.

In the cold voice, each king of tu raised his eyes to see, but saw a han military officer holding a very exaggerated square painting halberd, riding a god jun's fiery red BMW, like a group of flames has rushed into the battle."You must surrender your weapons to enter the palace, lady general, and your men must not enter." A juyan bodyguard stopped lu lingqi at the gate of the palace, shen said.I wish it were a boy!骗局|




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