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2018中国股市即将暴跌劲力弹簧"Pardon, captain! In the nighthawk indifferent gaze, a nighthawk wei splash on his knees to the ground, the body as kang sifter general not to shiver."Yes, he was the new commander of jiangdong. He had been zhou yu's deputy until now. Ma liang explained."I will be turned back today He stood up, turned his head and looked around at the assembled soldiers. "there is no noble reason," he said. "it is because liu zhang has slept with my wife, and that bitch has secretly murdered me

"Since the last commander has surrendered to the Lord, if there is an order, it is at the command of the younger Lord." Zhang ren nodded and bowed."That liu zhang harm how many people's family destruction, is not a bygones and bygones can be settled?" This is not zhang song said, his task is to provoke the family of liu zhang anger."I'm trying to save the general." 'said monda, shaking her head.2018中国股市即将暴跌"That's right." Pang tong nodded: "since the general liu determined you, all don't argue with you, just as what you said is right, then talk about the next topic, between the two countries, not to make, pang here, thanks to close all the way in and in accordance with the foot the suave, now is not open, general liu directly take me, is this place in the shu, different hospitality the central plains of China with me?"

2018中国股市即将暴跌Meng da looked at liu zhang in surprise and shook his head and said, "if liu yizhou was not blinded by interests, it would not be so easy to let the Lord take yizhou.""Just as well, as long as today can leave guan yu, again big loss is worth it." Pound did not care about the casualties, anyway, these are hu bing, put it bluntly is slaves, if you can slave soldiers in exchange for guan yu's life, how much value."If you do not look at him, you may kill him Liu zhang in shu as, I have heard, even if zhang ren magnanimous, forget about the past, but with his personality, this matter sooner or later reported to liu zhang, liu zhang will deal with you, I think there is no need to say more? Pang tong looked at deng xian and shook his head.

"What did you say? ?" Hearing the bitter news, I could not help feeling very angryThis kind of thing, pang tong nature won't take out to come and go to blow a heart, just emphasize ceaselessly, lv bu gives the road that offers, actually want to be compared them to rely on the tax inside the field that dot is strong too much, give everybody a picture cake first, solved trouble at home, the following thing is natural and close to do a lot of.Look at a pair of let alone beat scold never return mouth of courtiers, liu zhang suddenly feel from this world deep malice, these courtiers, have decided to abandon their own?2018中国股市即将暴跌




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