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神墓续本后续腰椎复原宝"Men have been sent to follow, and marks have been made on the way, your excellency."Well!" Each promised to leave.

"You are wenpin! ?" Zhou cang's voice suddenly raised an octave, shock wenpin eardrum ring, puzzled to see zhou cang.< / p > < p > looking at lv lingqi icy eyes, wen bing only feel chest a suffocating, but he had the idea of looking down before, this gun is also used five points of force, at the moment just realized that the woman not only cunning such as fox, the ability is not worse than himself, at the moment put up the heart of looking down, with lv lingqi killed in a place.Then lyu3 bu4 movement was gradually let the people much a few minutes, although repeatedly, has done almost nothing but waste of money and things, instead of tax rate was very low, if before the autumn harvest, this is meaningless, but after the autumn harvest, this words are fulfilled, get in the hands of real benefit to lu bu the status of solid thoroughly down in people's hearts.神墓续本后续"How, general wu of jingzhou, are all so timid? Not even a name?" Zhou cang sneered, found a stone to sit down, looking at the general road.

神墓续本后续"Department of justice? Zhang, puzzled, looked at lu bu.A group of people who had been busy farming gathered together to look at the building in front of them and whispered, wondering what the purpose of such a big thing was.Pound has completed the charge, round the arrows have blanket cover down, the morale of the huns vanguard of a setback again, when ha wood son a charge, pound a kill with the people to come in, hands sword dancing in the breeze, like an awl stab violently into the formation of huns, immediately will tear the formation of a cut, huns dark army pressure up behind, will be expanding the incision.

Zhaoyun eyes flash a touch of confusion, mumbling: "the general is dead, I had promised a person to assist him, but I heard that he was defeated by lv bu in xuzhou, now the sea of humanity, also do not know where to go to find."Er... "Jia xu smell speech raised his head, suddenly found that lv bu three major plan Lord, it seems to be the number of his most idle, this is his own digging hole buried?"Hum!" Ugly young man wen yan cold hum 1: "that liu biao judge a person by his appearance, humiliate at me, this enemy can not not report, since meet, send you a favor."神墓续本后续




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