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韩娱小皇帝|昆明空白t恤"Is lyu3 bu4 general seibel.""Retreat! Retreat!" Liu dry suddenly some regret, regret why he wanted to come to the west cool, as long as he can escape this, he swore, will never come to the west cool again, also never want to face the devil-like man again.

And here, candidate also gave birth to a bad heart, ready to live Mei county, a step ahead of d's vitality, then, even if d can come back, his already disabled troops can return to the west cool I'm afraid not much.Pinch your fingers, Korea hence suddenly sad to find that, In addition to their forces now better than lyu3 bu4, Under both generals and counsellors, Can't compare with lyu3 bu4, This was beaten in the central plains by the central plains governors, a commercial tiger that hits a wall everywhere, Until now, has become his nightmare, let Korea hence originally ambition to eliminate invisible, if allowed, Korea hence never mind surrendering to lyu3 bu4, but he knows, it is too late, don't say he and d private hatred, just lead the huns buckle this one, look around the world, I'm afraid few governors are willing to accept him.Fortunately, the words of pound during the day caused the soldiers resonance, greatly inspired morale, YuanMen, a han army body by three qiang weapons penetrated, with ferocious color on his face, in the eyes of the enemy astonished, rose up all over the last strength on three people韩娱小皇帝|"Kill!" D eyes, flashed a faint cold light, make no secret of his intention to kill the candidate, if not for the bastard, even Mei county hay was burned, oneself also have now stood in the city of huaili, enjoy the fruits of victory, rather than like a lost dog like now connect to the hay of the armed forces can't get out.

韩娱小皇帝|Yang wang voice fell, all around the qiang people immediately talk about, some people show joy, but there are many people with doubts, after all, they ate too much in the hands of the han Chinese, especially the han Chinese officials, never see them as people, but lyu3 bu4 the name of the han people's strongest, let a lot of people believe.Chen Gongwen speech, can't help but sigh a little, no more words."D!?" Liang Xing heard the sound and came to see d instantaneous eyes shrink, then sneer at 1, looked at d way: "d, into the king defeated kou, now marten is dead, marten a family is not, if you are smart, you should take your group of defeated soldiers, roll out of the west cool! Instead of come here to die!"

Han De smell speech sighed, For five days, With 5,000 men, He annihilated forty thousand Huns, In Hand's view, It's a miracle, But if you hurt a thousand, you will hurt eight hundred, Even if there is lyu3 bu4 such a superhero led, after the huns life alert, began to encircle lyu3 bu4, even though the soldiers have the heart to die, but three days and three nights of battle, also will the army close to the edge of collapse, at least in the view of hande, can play to the present, there are more than two thousand people alive, has been a miracle."A dozen or so, and they're all nags." Lieutenant some can not keep up with Chen Xing jump out of the mind."Don't worry, tonight, the general will let you on the bliss!" Corners of the mouth spread a touch of evil spirits arc, fingers into the desecration clothes to find the soft full of elastic snow greasy, not light heavy kneading up.韩娱小皇帝|




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