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文安路虎车祸|法国卡美琳官网Zhang embroidery looked at lyu3 bu4, this moment, lyu3 bu4 has begun to some worship, suppress the excitement of the heart, fuels to lyu3 bu4: "master this poem, call the central plains scholars ashamed to death, I do not know what is the name of this poem?"As for Jiang Xu, Lyu3 bu4 before the words of nature not without the meaning of knock, Although these wealthy families have not yet done anything harmful to their fundamentals, But in this regard, precautions must be taken in advance, Is also defensive, as far away in the western regions of pang tong commented, lyu3 bu4 now looks strong, but in a way all governors dare not go, wrong step, are likely to lose, this invisible battle, actually more dangerous than the real battle.When Chen Xing arrived at Meng Jin, but see Meng Jincheng wall, only a few foot soldiers, see Chen Xing and others came, a catalogue of panic.

"Yes." D bow way."I don't think I need to say much about the tribe. Everybody has seen it." Take a deep breath, lyu3 bu4 in the huns loudly said: "yesterday, the begging fu tribe has been uprooted by us, but our tribe, also finished.""With all due respect, Monseigneur Temujin." Murong GUI look a move, sink a track: "We are defeated by you, according to the prairie rules, we are willing to loyalty to you, but the words of Wang Ting …"文安路虎车祸|Coss seize tiger fastened, may go to rob meng jin, if jun occupied meng jin, for luoyang, trouble may be greater than coss seize tiger fastened, because meng jin closer to luoyang, once jun from meng jin, tiger fastened this natural cut equal to waste half, so meng jin must be in the hands.

文安路虎车祸|"All right, send a team to occupy Mayi first!" Giffin sink a track."No, the king's court, its master decision, d, ma dai, Ma Tie listen to order!" Giffin shook his head."Thank you Khan for your concern." Lyu3 bu4 try to let their performance bitter and astringent, sink a track: "The dead people, can get khan to accept, is fortunate, let alone khan has been to me these remnants of the soldiers quite thick, dare not complain."

This time, accompanied by not only five thousand cavalry, there are five thousand horses, this time, with cavalry is no different."Nothing." Jiang xu shook his head, looked at his brother, smiled and said: "salary will rise, do a good job.""You..." Kilvoo goyang didn't expect step root unexpectedly so tough, his men after fighting, and then is in the huns tribe absurd day, many people now walk to tremble, how to fight with the soldiers of the king's court?文安路虎车祸|




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