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芙兰达 赛维伦二手前四后四货车"Young chang, the middle of shu is very important to the Lord. Ha ha... "At the end, zhuge liang leisurely sighed, this kind of words, also can only talk to ma su, the others, zhuge liang dare not say, also can't say, too morale."The general is at ease." "Said the general gravely."The governor is dead, I am more heartache than you, the governor not only to me, lv meng this life, is the governor saved, I want more than any of you, for the governor revenge!" Lv meng took a deep breath, look at the crowd, and say: "but the state-owned national law, the home has rules, invasion is great, you said, did I say that lv meng is not, this matter, only the master can decide, I'll tell the tetrarch, everyone wishes as to whether to revenge, how to revenge, estimates that by master, now, we have to do, this is for burial, allowed him to grave!"

"Why is the consigliere still so sad?" Ma Suqi way.Chapter 92 counting and being counted"If it wasn't him, why couldn't even find the body of a jingzhou soldier on mount song? Even the most elite 100 soldiers of the tiger guard battalion have been wiped out, I do not believe that his jingzhou army is so formidable!" "Grunted xiahou dun.芙兰达 赛维伦Even if lu bu had stopped sending troops, liang liang would have been frustrated by the surrender of one hundred thousand shu troops from langzhong alone.

芙兰达 赛维伦"Do not want to liu bei's army, in addition to guan zhang, actually also has such a strong general, this person's brave, afraid not under general ziyi!" Looking at Chen arrived in a series of war ship crissccross, lu xun can not help but sigh."Wait and see." Pang tong smiled and said, "but I don't know where zhang ren is now."'what's the matter? A cold hum, meng da's figure appeared outside the house of shi ji, looking at the entangle of all the way: "here is the house of shi ji, look at your appearance, into what system!"

"I see." Pang tong nodded: "so, general liu is not ready to rule with me?""Good!" Wei yan nodded, he is the general, these things, natural responsibility, just frown at pang tong way: "shi yuan, that zhuge liang really so severe?"No wonder those families in guanzhong didn't care much about the central plain, shu zhong and jiangdong families.芙兰达 赛维伦




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